Way to Peace    Changing the course of history with you.   Craig
                                  Authored by Craig Jenkins, paragliding instructor, ex-Jaguar engineer.                                                 

Welcome to my Future Peace site through which I have the objective of stopping the present unnecessary wars and the future intended wars by providing information, based on provable evidence, to dispel the lies upon which the wars of Iraq and Afghanistan are based. I believe strongly that truth should prevail and it's up to us, concerned responsible citizens, to make certain it does.
If we go on accepting the lies, continuing on our present course, we will be ashamed of the world we leave for our children.

Please, if anyone finds anything I say to be untrue, and has evidence to prove it, please e-mail me and show me the evidence. My e-mail is at the bottom of every page of this site. I would like this site to be your reference too as a source of truth. Thank you in advance for that.

"All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing"

 We need to take a much closer look at what is really happening and, through knowledge of what is really going on, we can stop our governments from dragging us into one war after another.

Sometimes, sadly, it becomes necessary to go to war to defend human rights and prevent evil intentions from dominating our world but the present wars have nothing to do with that. They are based on lies and illusions deliberately created by certain leaders to achieve other, more sinister goals.

How do you know all this when the news programs and press tell us another story completely?
By searching the internet looking for a comprehensive understanding of why we are permanently at war since 9/11. Carefully sifting the truth from the lies, to arrive at a coherent global picture where all the pieces fit together with resounding clarity. The internet is not yet censored so nearly everything known to humanity, the sum-total of human knowledge, is there for us to see for ourselves.

But how can you know when you are getting the truth from the internet?
 Well firstly I suggest you don't trust or believe anything at first because there are a lot of lies out there, but look at all points of view critically, cross reference everything by googling it, wiki it, Yahoo search it etc. and cross reference everything again. After a while using your own common sense and judgement, what seems like the truth begins to emerge. But again don't trust it, cross reference it further, explore more connections. Find out who, 
what, when, how and why. Be aware that when someone says something, there is usually a reason. Is he trying to inform or dis-inform? Is he trying to reveal truth or cover up lies? Does the science presented obey all the proven laws of science. Newtons 1st, 2nd and 3rd laws of motion, laws of gravity, conservation of energy, known heat parameters for different kinds of fire, known melting temperatures of steel etc. Come up with your own hypothesis, then test it. Try another hypothesis and test that too. The internet is amazing, it's nearly all there somewhere but you've got to sort the truth from the lies.

I know everyone won't have as much time as I have which is why I made this site. You can benefit from the time I've spent and what I've learnt.

Everything I present here on this site has passed my "Truth test". You don't have to trust me; set your own "Truth test", but I can promise you now with all my heart that I have no other agenda other than to reveal the truth and by so doing, help to stop the wars. I want to help make a better world for my child and all the future generations. But still cross check everything I say to be certain.


I used to be a keen follower of news media such as Skynews, BBC news, CNN, CBS, France 24, Al Jazeera, Euronews and Time magazine

and I thought I was relatively informed but now I realize that they are all complicit in propagating the big lie. They are all controlled by the secret government and our news is censored to only put out what they want us to hear. As a spokesman for the CIA said, "We own everybody in the major media outlets".
 I've found two TV channels that speak the truth, "Edge Media TV" on Sky channel 200 and also "Russia Today" appear to be free from Obamas press censorship machine. 

secret government I am talking about are the secret societies that first profile, then groom and prepare our leaders long before we get to vote for them under the illusion of democracy. The media brainwashes us to believe in them and then we vote them in and they proceed to follow orders from the groups in power. This is now what we call democracy in both the U.S. and the U.K.

The Secret Societies

The groups I am talking about are the secret societies that the press don’t talk about but that you can research for yourself on the web: the Bilderburg Group  and the Trilateral Commission. Their existence is not secret anymore but their meetings most certainly are.

The Bilderburg group have been in control of America since Dwight David Eisenhowers' time. Their first meeting was held in 1953. They organised the assasination of JFK, the last popular US president, because he tried to expose the existence of the secret government and part of their agenda. There has been no democracy in America since that time, just the illusion created to replace it. JFK was a very good and brave man but his words fell on a public who, at the time, didn't understand the seriousness of what he was saying.

Most people, even today, don't understand or don't want to listen to what he was saying. It was a kind of cry for help from JFK to the public that we can still hear today and respond to. It's what I'm doing now with this website.

Here is a recording of the speech that brought about the murder of John Fitzgerald Kennedy:

The Trilateral Comission was started by David Rockefeller and Zbigniew Brzezinski in 1973 and their stated mission is to acheive a one world government.

Rockefeller Reveals 9/11 FRAUD to Aaron Russo

We all commented about how Tony Blair acted like George Bush’s poodle and supported the lies of Bush to get us, the British and our military into the war in Iraq.
 It would be truer and more comprehensive to observe that he's just another puppet, like Bush himself, of the Trilateral Commission.

Disappointing but not surprising is that Barack Obama is of course just another puppet, profiled, indoctrinated, groomed and trained by the Group to carry out their agenda. It is such a shame because most of us liked him and put all our hopes in him to save the world from the catastophe that Bush had created. He’s a great speaker, he said all the right things to get elected but since he's been president he's done frequently the opposite of what he promised. He said the war in Iraq was illegal, that there was never a military solution, and that he'd get us out. Well has he? He sent an extra 30,000 troops into afghanistan instead. Another unjustified war of aggression. He hasn't achieved a single thing that's good for the public. He clearly works for Wall Street and not main street.

 This whole truthful story is a bit like a rabbit warren; first you have to find the entrance hole and then you go down inside to explore
more about it, gradually discovering the many different areas, each with their particular nooks and crannys.

When the world changed

Our history was sadly, irrevocably changed by the events of the 11th September 2001, which we will refer to from now on as 9/11, as the Americans do.
After all, it was used to justify the two major theater wars (MTWs) that we are now involved in, Iraq and Afghanistan. It is also destined to be used further as the justification for many, already intended future wars.
Here is the chairman for the 9/11 comission, Thomas Kean, admitting it was "set up to fail"

 It is therefore of the utmost importance for us to learn much more about what happened that day. It is alarming that having all watched on multiple videos the total and immediate demolition of the twin towers, with 2/3 freefall acceleration, complete with nearly 3000 innocent people still inside, 56minutes(wtc2) and 102minutes(wtc1) after their respective planes hit, we then accepted the unlikely, official version of who did it and why they fell down from GW Bush’s government, despite the fact that it was in no way coherent with what we had just witnessed. We now know for certain, as we even have it from the chairman of the 9/11 commission himself, that the 9/11 commission report was "set up to fail". We now know for certain it is full of lies, deceipt and bad science and there is absolutely no justification for anyone to believe it anymore.

Steel framed buildings of course don’t  just fall to the ground due to fire. They never have throughout the 100 year history of steel framed skyscrapers and yet they tell us that 3 burned down on that day, all belonging to the same man? The simple reason being that steel doesn't burn at those temperatures. Normal diffuse fires burn at a maximum temperature of 600C and steel needs 1500C to melt.

The jet fuel that many imagine must burn so hot is just kerosine, a hydrocarbon, which burns at the same temperature as paper and wood.

The only way to get a hydrocarbon to burn hotter is by transforming it to a gas under pressure and premixing it with just the right measure of oxygen as we do in a bunsen burner or a blowtorch and we get a blue flame with a light blue tip, but this is not the case in a building fire. In fact the black smoke belching out where the planes hit indicate an oxygen starved or fuel rich fire which of course burns much cooler than one with a good supply of air carrying oxygen.

 Stage one then of our journey should be to explore deeply the events of 9/11 to fully understand what happened.

To help you do this I will direct you to the websites of several of my colleagues in the Truth movement: architects, engineers, physics professors, forensic scientists, history graduates, 911survivors and truth seekers.  They have worked so diligently, with perseverence and courage, to uncover the real and truthful information we should all be hungry for, after being fed absolute nonsense for the last 9 and a half years by our governments and the media.
I will also direct you to the site of the PNAC, the site of Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, Jeb Bush and Paul Wolfowitz.

I hope you will have the courage, the honesty and the integrity for this journey of discovery. You'll need all three.

Please don't hide behind beliefs like: "they wouldn't do that to their own people," or  "If this was true we would hear it in the news"
Even though the subject concerns the present and future of humanity on this planet, avoid emotional responses as they tend to distract you from the truth. Emotion based opinions are worth little when you want to find the truth. All that matters are real, provable facts.

Please click on the "Discover more about 9/11" button below?  If you already know the truth about 9/11, go to "Behind 9/11".

Discover more about 9/11 Behind 9/11, What's really going on?

Peace                        e-mail: craig@futurepeace.co.uk